divendres, 17 de febrer de 2017

Erasmus Project.

In our school we have the opportunity to take part in an Erasmus program with other schools. There are two groups in our Erasmus’ work; one of them is about Efficient Energy Transport and the second one is about the New Climate. 

These other schools are from different places, such as England, Holland, Germany and two are in Italy.
The project we are doing now in Block 1, which is Efficient Energy Transport, is mainly collaborating with England. And the Block 2 (the New Climate) is working with Italy.
This year, on January, five of our students are going to England and on March the Italian students are coming to Spain. Then, on May there will be another exchange with Holland.

From each group there are reporters, we have blogs were we upload the news.
Do you want to take a look?

Blog one; Efficient Energy Transport:  https://researchprojectisq.blogspot.com

Blog two; The New Climate:  https://tdrbloc22016.blogspot.com.es

 Netherlands Scholengemeenschap Marianum.
 United Kingdom Sandown Bay Academy. 
 Germany Allgäu- Gymnasium Kempten.
         I.I.S Gioordano Bruno Perugia.
 Italy Liceo Statale Assunta Perugia Pierally.